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Did You Know?

  • One of the primary reasons why legal documents are invalidated is because of errors in their creation. 

  • When you are selecting people to serve in roles of authority - either when you are alive (through a Power of Attorney) or after you have passed (through a Will or Trust), you can nominate more than one person to serve in case the first person you would want is unable, unwilling, or unavailable to serve. 

  • The Power of Attorney documents created by our office are created to allow designated individuals to step into "your shoes" at any point before you have passed away to assist with whatever needs may be - whether you are on vacation or incapacitated.  

  • Estate Planning documents are not about wealth or material possessions. They are about providing a roadmap for you and your family during uncertain times; medically, financially, and at the time of your passing.

  • Washington is not a state where a Revocable Living Trust is the default estate planning instrument. Despite the commonalities required by law, estate planning documents should be personalized to meet YOUR specific needs. 

  • Probate in Washington State is not the "boogeyman" that Hollywood has portrayed. Different states have different laws regarding the probate process. 

  • Taking assets from the Estate of a recently deceased may result in consequences that cannot be undone. Consult with a legal professional before taking assets from the Deceased and giving them to yourself or others. 

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